The Rending

In the beginning Palaghast was whole and The People were happy. He held them unto his chest and gave them a life of leisure, in return they worshiped their deity and gave thanks.

Until the Being From Beyond came upon the World. A being of immense jealousy, hatred, and chaotic thoughts it fought with Palaghast to destroy his creation. The People rose to protect their god, fighting against the Being's hordes. As the Palaghast and the People neared victory, the Being From Beyond unleashed one final stroke, rending Palaghast into pieces.

The very world cracked and split into seven domains, all floating within the [[Abyssal Sea]]. At the center lays the Heart of Palaghast, its glowing tendrils keeping the seven domains from flying off into the void.

With the Rending came Magic and the Noble Races, all malformed People, forever changed into elves, humans and the like. They reached out to Palaghast but found him silent. In time mighty Solars, beings born of Palaghast's defeat, rose up to lead, subjugate, or nurture their Domain

For ages the Solars ruled, working together to fend off small bands of Demons and Devils attacking from the Abyssal Sea. But in recent years the lords have turned inward, fighting among themselves for supreme control.

Some still await for Palaghast to revive, others believe the god is dead and gone. Minor beings of power have begun to rise, claiming to be New Gods. While many have seen their claim smashed by the Solars of Palaghast, some have gained footholds and gathered people about them.

Do you seek the return of Palaghast? Or do you side with the Solar? Perhaps these New Gods are the future…. or do you wish to count yourself among their number? 

Then again, what treasure and adventures await you within the depths of the Abyssal Sea?

Only you can decide…


The Rending of Palaghast

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