BtR = Before the Rending
AtR = After the Rending


c.15,000BtR  Creator of all, Palaghast, wields his divine might to solidify himself into the form of a living planet. He slumbered.

c.10,000BtR  The People arise from Palaghast's dreams. They stake their claim as rulers and stewards over the world.

c.9,750BtR  Nations rise among the People.

c.7,242BtR  The War of the People

c.5,160BtR  Palaghast awakens and brings an end to the war.

c.4,025BtR  The Being From Beyond arrives. Many blame the bloodshed of the War for attracting the Being.

c.3,980BtR  First of the Demon Lords invade Palaghast.

c.3,540BtR  Astral Bridges are constructed. Who are why has been lost to time.

c.3,5390-981BtR   Much of this history has been lost. Many scholars of Pala-Scio have dedicated their lives to filling the gaps of this age. 

c.980BtR  The Being From Beyond envelopes Palaghast in a shroud of perpetual darkness. His presence, so close to the world, causes mutations among the People, flora, and fauna. Metallic dragons are forever altered into Chromatic. Undead rise for the first time. 

c.10BtR  Great heroes take the fight to the Being From Beyond, aided by Palaghast. They step into the blackness and the world held its breath.

0BtR  The darkness peals away in a crack of thunder. A cosmic roar rips through the sky. Before The People have time to rejoice, a searing bolt of Necrotic Energy strikes into the heart of the world. Palaghast is torn asunder, slain by the Being From Beyond's last curse. The world groans and rips a part, Rending Palaghast into the Eight Domains.

500AtR  The first of the Noble Races, the Halflings appears on Pala-Arbar. Over the next 50 years the rest of Noble Races appear across the Seven Domains. Dwarves of Pala-Malseren dig out vast cities underneath the rocky terrain. Elves spread across Pala-Vivo in circular city patterns while the Humans of Pala-Lukton defend themselves against constant threat of monsters left behind from the Rending. Magic is first discovered among the Gnomes. Records indicate its discovery among the others races happened, independently, in a short period of time. Whether this discovery was divine providence or malice is still hotly debated.

699AtR  First sightings of the Abyssal Touched are reported in Pala-Vivo.

700AtR  The Eight Solars arrive, claiming to be the reincarnated aspects of Palaghast. Each settles in a Domain. They teach the Noble Races how to use the Astral Bridges. Divine magic is gifted to the world. The rule of the Eight begins. 

710AtR  Solar-Vivo declares the Abyssal Touched an abomination from the Being From Beyond. They are summarily hunted down and nearly wiped away from history. 

720AtR  After a meeting of The Eight, a new law is passed across the Domains. Abyssal Touched were to be rounded up and enslaved.

1000AtR  Breaking of the Chains. Lead by the elven lord Theanore Ir'Braxis a campaign that lead to a civil war among the Noble Races ensued to free the Abyssal Touched of their captivity. The death of Theanore ended the 100 year war, but not his message. This lead to the fracturing of ideals, even among The Eight. Several of the Solars broke from their original agreement and freed the Abyssal Touched within their Domains. Though the old beliefs did not die away.

1156AtR  The first of the New Gods, Galdae Yur, proclaims her divinity in Pala-Scio.

1162AtR  Knights of the Silvered Sword, one of the most revered groups of Lukton's armies, puts down Galdae and her uprising, ending the heretic and her upswell of followers. 

1270AtR  Starting here and within three more years, five more New Gods announce their claim to power.

1284AtR  Talmorhan rises, his own followers proclaim him as divine after winning a major victory against a host of Solar-Vivo's armies. He establishes a stronghold among the forests of Pala-Arbar.

1290AtR  Solar-Vivo roots out the New God and wizard Torid Ilman who had been leading a campaign in the Domain of Pala-Vivo. After his defeat, Vivo declares himself the Supreme Solar, vowing to rid the world of the heretical New Gods. Solar-Lukton and Solar-Malseren are quick to denounce the claim.

1292AtR  Solar-Malseren is killed in his keep in the capital of Gale, the circumstances a mystery to all.

1294AtR  All Astral Bridges leading to Pala-Lukton are severed in the early morning. Pent up divine energy erupts from between the pillars, tearing up earth and stone. The outer pillars that float beyond the Domain borders appear to have been severed as if by a massive sword slash, cleaving them neatly in two. 

1295AtR  Present Day. Rumors circulate that sightings of Demons and Devils has increased dramatically in Pala-Malseren. Solar-Vivo has begun building his armies, readying for an all out offense against the New Gods. More and more cults dedicated to the Being From Beyond have been unearthed, their temples hiding within major cities. Kraken Boors, a New God, begins construction of a new stronghold along the Southern peaks of Pala-Malseren's mountain range. 

It is s tumultuous time. An uncertain time. A time for adventurers. 


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