The best way to learn a culture is to know its Profanity. Here is a list of common terms and words uttered as curses and oaths among the races of The Eight. 

"By the Seven!"

"By the Eight!" – a stronger version than of the one above. Some feel calling upon Morto is to call upon bad luck. 

"To the Sea with you." – the sea in this case refers to the Abyssal Sea

"Sight of the Being" – used as curse for when things have gone wrong. You've some how received the Being From Beyond's attention. 

"Iluz!" – some use Solar-Iluz's name as a curse to mean trickster.

"Malscio!" – liar, falsehood

"Morto." – the name of the Solar of Death is a strong and uncouth curse. Many a colorful character combines Morto with a string of other curses. 

"Malvivo." – unlife, undead, anti-life. A dark oath, many believe it calls upon the undead to rise up. 


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