The Domain of Life. A verdant landscape teeming with flora and fauna. It is seen as the idyllic place to live. Peaceful and serene. The capital city of Verda hugs the edge of the Domain overlooking the Heart of Palaghast in the Abyssal Sea. There Solar-Vivo sits on his throne as the self-proclaimed ruler of the Solar and King of all living things.

While Solar-Vivo resides in Verda, the largest city [[Vivo Il'Mor]] is the crown jewel of the Seven Domains. A sprawling city of commerce, trade, and political might. Here the delegates and representatives of the Seven meet and discuss current event and hash out deals among the people.

While Pala-Vivo may seem like the perfect Domain not everything is as it seems.

Vivo has banned all use of Magic and threatens extreme punishment to any that break his laws. Within his sphere of influence all Abyssal Touched are seen as slaves, no better than the horde of Devils and Demons that rule the Abyssal Sea.

Races: Elves have been drawn to the land of Life more than any of the other races. There they have spent the ages working the land and building a vast empire of sprawling white marbled cities. The other races have been drawn to the metropolitan Domain, which boasts great commerce.

Astral Bridge: Pala-Vivo is connected to Pala-Lukton (now broken) and Pala-Arbar.


  • The use of Magic and worship of the New Gods is strictly prohibited and punishable by imprisonment or death
  • Abyssal Touched must be accompanied by their master when outside their domicile. 
  • Murder is punishable by death
  • Thievery is punishable by death
  • Any caught consorting with Demons and Devils or working with any Abyssal paraphernalia will be put to death
  • The freeing of Abyssal Touched is punishable by loss of title/holdings/or remuneration to the Domain of the price of the slave.



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