Pala-Morto, the Realm of Death, the Underdark.

Unlike the other seven, Pala-Morto resides in all domains deep within the Earth. A myriad of minions and monsters of the Being From Beyond make this realm their home. The Deep Gnomes, followers of Morto, fight back in a constant war with these creatures. A life dedicated to keeping them from breaching to the surface of the Seven.

Vast caverns and tunnels crisscross the Domain with small pockets of Deep Gnome citadels and keeps, but there sits only one city Deep Mour. No one is certain which of the Seven Domains it rests beneath. Accounts abound that people have reached it from any of the seven. This has lead to rumors that there must be portals or astral bridges that connect them all.

To travel in Pala-Morto is to take your own life in your hands. Even the Deep Gnomes are wary of anyone that is not a native to their realm.

Races: Deep Gnomes are the native race to the Domain. But don't be fooled, the Underdark teems with all manner of nasty things and those looking for treasure and adventure. Many [[Abysal Touched]] have attempted to establish colonies in order to escape their opression.

Astral Bridge: No bridges connect to Pala-Morto. But many caves will plunge you toward the depths of the realm.

Laws: There is only one law in Pala-Morto, defend the Domains above.


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