The Domain of the Tempest

Storms rage across the Domain's craggy surface. Rarely does the land see the light of day. If it is not overcast, it is raining. Oftentimes a crack of lightning will strike the ground on what most residents would call a "clear day."

Of the largest landmass, in the center, floats the capital city of Gale and what was once the throne of Solar-Malseren.

Abyssal Touched seek this Domain as a place of refuge. Now that the New Gods have cemented control of the area, they see the area as a place to grow and be free to live their lives.

Major Cities and Locations


  • All Magic is permitted
  • All worship of the New Gods is permitted
  • Worship of the Solar is permitted
  • Murder is punishable by imprisonment after conviction
  • Theft is punishable by imprisonment after conviction
  • Trafficking of Abyssal Touched is prohibited and punishable by imprisonment after conviction
  • Drugs are regulated but permissable as long as the above laws are not broken.



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