Ruled by the soft spoken Solar-Lum. This Domain consists of three major landmasses. Along the Western mountain range, Light's Spine, of the center landmass rests the capital city of Luminaire, nestled at the base of the tallest mountain. From the base, followers of Lum can ascend the Steps of the Sun to reach the citadel and throne room of Lum.

Races: Every race is welcome and is equally represented in the Land of the Sun. Seen as a Domain for trading and meetings, Pala-Lum is where the noble races send their dignitaries for monthly meetings, where they discuss trade offers, settle disputes, and share the will of their Solar.

Astral Bridge: Pala-Lum is connected to three other Domains. Pala-Arbar, Pala-Iluz, and Pala-Scio.


  • Magic is tolerated, but harsh punishments await anyone who uses Evocation magic upon any of the noble races.
  • Abyssal Touched must stay within site of their master or able to provide papers of Self-Ownership when asked. Failure to do so will result in immediate imprisonment and eventually sold back into slavery. 
  • Murder is punishable by death.
  • Thievery is punishable by severing of ones hand.
  • Any caught consorting with the Abyssal Horde will be cast into the Abyssal Sea.



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