The Domain of War. The mainland of Pala-Lukton is harsh and unforgiving. A deadly swamp lay to the south, full of vipers, giant spiders, and — if rumor is to be believed — an ancient green dragon. Past the mountain range is the massive Gor'Kurak Desert. So named after the demon who raged across the land against Lukton's armies, ravaging the land. To the East swirls the Bay of Swords. Its shallow depths reveal the tips of craggy tips of broken rock.

Pala-Lukton has hardened its people. It is said that every child is born with a spear in one hand and a shield in the other. They pride themselves as the protectors of the Eight Domains. Here the Knights of the Silvered Sword, the most revered army in the Eight, are forged through relentless training. They believe that the Being From Beyond is not yet done — that the Abyssal Horde will one day come again.

Despite being the known as the Solar of War, Solar-Lukton isn't not a warmonger or despot. Those close to him have said he sees his position as a cruel necessity. For without his knowledge and steel, the world of Palaghast would have fallen to the Being From Beyond well before the Rending. As far as he and the Knights of the Silvered Sword are concerned, they are all that stands between peace and oblivion. 

Races: No one race is dominant in this Domain. Any that wish to test their mettle come to Pala-Lukton. That said, Solar-Lukton has accepted many of the created races into his armies ranks. It is through their actions that they define themselves. However, this acceptance does not give them an easy life. Still many of the Noble Races hold deep seeded grudges against the likes of the Dragonborn and Half-Orcs that roam the desert, build small enclaves in the mountain ranges, and patrol in the edges of the Domain in small bands.

Astral Bridge: Before the destruction of the Astral Bridges Pala-Lukton was connected to Pala-Malseren and Pala-Vivo


  • The use of Magic and worship of the New Gods is strictly prohibited and punishable by banishment to the Gor'Kurak desert.
  • Abyssal Touched must register at the capital of Oasis. 
  • Murder is punishable by death
  • Thievery is punishable by being put to work in the mines or smelting arms and armor at Lukton's Forge
  • Any caught consorting with Demons and Devils or working with any Abyssal paraphernalia will be cast into the Abyssal Sea.


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