No Domain is as green as Pala-Arbar. Nature in all its splendor flourishes within this realm, cultivated by the Halflings and their patron Solar-Arbar. This Domain boasts the fact that it holds the most landmass. It is full of life, but with it comes danger. Massive creatures roam these woods. Unchecked groves are home to any number of dangerous beasts.

Villages and settlements are few here. The Halflings move about the land in small clans to constantly tend to the overgrown land. It is a wild place.

Nearing the center, closer to the lush capital city of Tol'Norul, the land becomes more worked and small towns spring forward. Here the bulk of the other Noble Races find their living. Their homes are one with the land, making it appear as if they spring up from the very ground.

Races: Halflings, also known as Forest Children, make up the bulk of the races in Pala-Arbar. You won't find many of the Noble Races living outside of the major cities.

Astral Bridge: Pala-Arbar is connected to Pala-Vivo in the West and Pala-Iluz in the East and Pala-Lum in the North.

Solar-Arbar has put in place only one law. Do not harm the forest. Only wood that is dead may be moved or used for fire. 


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