New Gods

Several beings of great power have risen in the past two generations, claiming to be New Gods. While some have been smashed by the might of the Solars, others have gained enough followers to maintain a foothold within a Domain.

They assert that the Solars were shepherds, seeing to the transition from the ending of Palaghast by the Being From Beyond to the present. Some of the New Gods have even suggested that the Being From Beyond was not an evil entity, or perhaps not a living presence at all, but a metaphor for the death of Palaghast and the transition from one age to another.

The Solars have been kind rulers, but their time is done. The New Gods must have room to take the rightful place in the cosmos.

If only the Solars agreed.

Clashes between the followers of the Eight and the New Gods erupted all over the Seven Domains.  Several of the blasphemous "gods" were put down, but a few have established a foothold and gained more and more followers. None more powerful and influential than Talmorhan Von'Drer, God of the Broken. He has gathered about him the disenfranchised, the lost, and broken. Abyssal Touched, Dragonborn, and Tieflings fill his ranks. 

While some believe these are in fact new beings of holy power, others contend that they are merely those that have sold their souls to various Demons and Devils, or perhaps the Being From Beyond itself.

New Gods

Aldae, Goddess of the Astral Plane
Davien, God of Gamblers and Thieves
Elmourn, God of Protection
Faemoara, Goddess of Lust
Kraken Boors, God of Valor and Battlefields
Lamia, Goddess of Revelry
Os'Mhorigan, God of Pain and Pestilence
Raes Tilmira, Goddess of Retribution
Sillmerian, Goddess of the Abyssal Sea
Talmorhan, God of the Broken
The Twins, God and Goddess of Magic 

New Gods

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