Created by the dwarves to carry out manual labor in the mines. These semiautonomous creations are proud and loyal to their creators. Most follow their orders without question. 

In recent time a small percentage of Goliaths have awoken, finding the spark of consciousness. No one is sure how it happened. Some say it is because they have been so close to Solar-Malseren, others that it is a sign of the Being From Beyond's return. A loud minority demands that these awoken Goliaths should be put down as tainted monsters. 

The awoken themselves have their own questions, and often leave their station to wonder the Seven Domains, searching for answers and where they fit in the world.

Attribute Changes

Stone Body: Goliaths are made from the rocks of Pala-Malseren. When not wearing armor their AC is 13.

Living Stone: Goliaths do not need to eat or sleep.

Flesh of Stone: Divine Healing is less effective on their unliving bodies. Goliaths receive half healing rounded down. During a short rest, another PC can use smithing tools that they are proficient in to add an additional +1d6 to any Hit Dice spent to heal.


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