The Elves have been drawn to Pala-Vivo. They've built sprawling cities of white marbled stone all throughout the land. They have been dedicated to Solar-Vivo more than any of the other Noble Races. While you can find elves in any of the Seven Domains, they are mostly concentrated in Pala-Vivo. 

They own the best Inns and Taverns and pride themselves on their hospitality. 

A subset of elves have found a calling to cultivate the forests of Pala-Arbar along with the Halflings. The city elves of Pala-Vivo have taken to calling them wood elves, a derogatory term among their kind. Though the elves of Pala-Arbar do not take much offense to it.

All, however, spit at the mention of the dark elves (drow). Those elves that have given themselves over to the Demon Princes of the Being From Beyond. The elves have turned from their heritage as decedents of The People, working to further the cause of their demon masters.


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