No one is certain of the Dragonborn origins. Arriving several ages after The Rending, these half-dragon, half-humanoid beings were seen as a corruption of the natural order. Rumors quickly spread that cults of the Being From Beyond had worked dark magics to twist stolen dragon eggs into these abominations. Others countered that the ever elusive Solar-Arbar himself had attempted his hand at creation, but lacked Solar- Malseren's nuance. No one has had the temerity to ask the Solar of his involvement. 

Of the Dragonborn that exhibit Metallic Dragon characteristics, they are tolerated within the Domains. Though in Pala-Vivo the excessive amount of suspicion they receive keeps them away for the most part. But those who appear as Chromatic are chased from away, or actively hunted.

This has pushed many Dragonborn to be staunch supporters and have filled the ranks of the New God Talmorhan Von'Drer. Those Dragonborn with a more militaristic bent and savage war like tendencies have found favor within Kraken Boors camp. 

Many fear the Dragonborn, and the New Gods are all to happy to have them among their ranks.


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