There are eight domains of Palaghast. Massive landmasses that float within the Abyssal Sea, still connected by ropes of energy emanating from the Heart of Palaghast. Each is ruled by a powerful Solar

Each domain represents an aspect of Palaghast. They are; Life, War, Light, Knowledge, Tempest, Nature, Trickery, and Death.

Over time each Domain has become called after its Solar ruler: Pala-Vivo, Pala-Lukton, Pala-Lum, Pala-Scio, Pala-Malseren, Pala-Arbar, Pala-Iluz, and Pala-Morto. To separate the Domain from its master the affix of Solar is added in reference to the being (ex. Solar-Vivo).

Clerics often choose to revere a single Domain, gaining boons while within the borders of the realm, granted by the Solar himself.

While seven of the Domains have landmasses, only Pala-Morto does not, for it resides in the depths of all the Domains.


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