Abyssal Touched

The life of the Abyssal Touched is a life of sorrow. The world sees them as beings cursed with the taint of the Being From Beyond, to forever have magic coursing through their veins. To that end they have been mostly enslaved, or pushed to the side in hopes they'd die off.

Despite the hatred laid against them, these people are gifted with small abilities that manifest as control of various elements. Some find they can control fire, others exhibit the ability to move more swiftly as if aided by the wind. But the noble races hate or perhaps fear these abilities. 

To that end most Domains either regulate the use of these abilities, often making the use of them a crime unless directed by a master, or outright ban any exhibit of clearly evil talents.

Appearance: Abyssal Touched have grey, slightly translucent skin. They stand on average slightly taller than humans, with lithe, sinewy bodies. There is no direct outward sign of what element a particular individual can manifest. However, when they do tap into their ability a faint glow ripples beneath their skin — the color an indication of their element. 

Air – White
Earth – Green
Fire – Red
Water – Pale Blue

Use the Genasi from Elemental Evil Player's Guide for stats. 

Abyssal Touched

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