Tag: Noble Race


  • Dwarf

    Known as the children of [[Malseren]]. The craggy peaks and stony land of [[Pala-Malseren]] has shaped this Noble Race into a hard people. They've traveled deep into the land and dug out sprawling cities within the mountains. 

    Taking …

  • Human

    Known as the Children of [[Lum]]. The Humans have spread across the Seven Domains. They fill all types of jobs and stereotypes. Many work beside the [[Pala-Malseren]] dwarves smithing weapons and armor to fight against the Demons and Devils that work …

  • Halfling

    Sometimes called forest children, these diminutive folk found their home in [[Pala-Arbar]]. Their affinity for nature and the extensive forests of the Domain made them a perfect fit. Druidic, secretive, and fiercely loyal to Nature.