Tag: New Gods


  • New Gods

    Several beings of great power have risen in the past two generations, claiming to be New Gods. While some have been smashed by the might of the [[Solars]], others have gained enough followers to maintain a foothold within a [[Domain]].

    They …

  • Kraken Boors

    Kraken Boors, God of Valor and Battlefields (CN)

    Valor, Battlefields, Blood, Chaos, Lightning. 8ft tall Human with black beard and long black hair. Favored Weapon, Claymore. Wears a full suit of black plate mail.

    Symbol: A red …

  • Raes Tilmira

    Raes Tilmira, Goddess of Retribution (LN)

    Retribution, Law, Protection. Looks to be an elderly mother. Raes is known to have a righteous anger for those she feels have been wronged. Her hatred for the Eight is said to be fierce, as she …